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A Project early 2008 was with the very talented Richard Ecclestone in a small village hall near to where I live. A throwback to when villages needed a community hall in which to hold jumble sales and pantomines. It now lies empty most of the week, but still sees life on polling days and Santa come once a year. Perfect for a quick recording.

This is the first track Richard wanted to get down. A cover of Bob Dylan's 'Mama, you been on my Mind'.

Everything here was pretty much one take, and as you can see from the edits (i.e. none) there are no overdubs etc.

Another cover - this time Mike Scott's Waterboys song 'When Ye Go Away'. Just a change of camera angle, and a quick test of mic level. The sound is actually just mixed from the two sides straight down the middle, and in most cases the guitar backed off a little. We have thought of improving with compression and gates - but that seemed dishonest :)

This is an encode right off the Ppro3 timeline. Original shot with 5 DV cameras (1x Canon XL2 and 4 other camcorders) sound from mixed CD 'Murmuration - Starlings' 1 pass On2 VP6 512x288 widescreen (for XL2) Flash 8 FLV. It currently sits on Blip TV - as they allow any size, and all formats - that I have come across.

Here is 'Something Beneath' an orginal from Richard with the same recording technique as all the others. These files are streaming off blip tv at the mo. Looking into whether that is the best place to serve them up.

Here Bob Bryar of My Chemical Romance Talks with Rhythm Magazine (UK) about the song The Black Parade. shot with 2 cameras both 1080i

Encoded with Procoder to the Quicktime CD Rom setting (2mbps) PAL - as that was to be the distribution (i.e. - not web)