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Rex. Neil Cowley Trio. Picking photographs.

Neil Cowley Trio

I have a garage full of old transparency film in files. Most are labelled with the artist, location and date taken. These are the out-takes. I keep them to remind myself that I was prolific at one time. I also keep them because I know the 20-year-old that cut out the good ones to give to the editors of the magazines was a pup. He didn’t tend to hand in the experimental ‘accidents’ that occurred every 70 shots (one roll of 120 and one of 135). Today I shot a fantastic musician and gentle soul Rex Horan. He plays with Evan and Neil. They make wonderful music, and their rehearsal space is full of laughter. Here are 3 examples of shots that will not make the grade for the article… but are the ones I decided to illustrate a point that capturing moments isn’t necessarily about a pretty shot. I recently met an old college and friend Nigel, who now shoots beautiful, often funny glances at landscape around us all. An inspiration to pick up a camera for the joy in achieving the shot in mind.