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This is the page of videos that I have produced recently. Directing, filming and editing.

Eckie - Back on Your Side Video - here and stills here. Alternatively you can view it on the new improved 16x9 HD service from YouTube, please make sure you have enabled High Quality in options (you must be signed in)


  Eckie - Back on your Side Video  

Another video for Eckie - this time shot in the wilds of Fenland (just outside a village called Waterbeach). The song is Rare Sun from his first album. Made with a tiny crew (Tim Welburn - camera, Dave - logistics and Lindsay - catering). I really like the pace of it - and the cycling just seems to be perfectly in time with the song. Click here to see it and stills here. Again larger version available here on YouTube HD


Rare Sun Still (Ecki)
This is a video shot in Helsinki for the UK Collective The Young Punx. The song is 'Young & Beautiful'. Filmed entirely in a Plastic Surgery Clinic over 2 days. As their web site says 'It's got sexy nurses. It's got over zealous surgeons. It's got eyeballs in a vat of blood' See it here with some stills here. Also HD version here. Young&Beautiful
Here is a link to the current content on Blip.TV - a streaming/hosting site for Internet TV Channels. Blip Press Site

All Images ©James Cumpsty 2003