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I have been taking images of musicians for about 15 years now. Mainly on location or studios. I have been lucky enough to meet some of my musicial and photographic heros. I started off going along to friend's gigs with a very basic Practika camera and just trying to get close enough with my 50mm lens to see some detail on their faces! I now use mainly Canon digital, though medium format stuff is my pleasure.

Portraiture (one on one) is my favourite thing and this site is full of it, although there is a section here for concerts where you will find artists on stage - Robbie Williams, Prince, David Bowie, some images from The Reading Festival 99 etc. For a full list of whats there click here.

Artists are arranged by sections just because I thought it might be easier to navigate.

These are:

Rhythm - drummers and percussionists

Guitar - The guitarists and bassists

Bands - Band Mini Sites

Electronic - Dance and programming section

Concerts -Here you will find everything from the Reading Festival to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Paul Weller to Bowie to Robbie Williams

There is also a section for Studios and Producers including Sir George Martin, and Steve Albini.

And some corporate work for Companies such as Yamaha and ZIldjian


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